Information for foreign runners

You can register yourself in the registration office at the stadium building near the water tower (runs in winter) or outdoor pool near the famous Rose Garden (runs in summer) . 

Advance registration is not necessary. In the registration office you can pay the entry fee für the run. There you can also pick up the race number.

In the stadium building, we have a shower room. Near the stadium is an indoor swimming pool with sauna.

The stadium is located 3 minutes from the train station. Go from the station to the right toward the big water tower. Parking is near.

The Rose Garden is located 15 minutes from the train station or take the bus. Parking is near.

The ages winners and the overall winners for each track will receive small prizes and certificates with time for the run and placement.

We do not pay any entry fees and win bonuses. For arrival and hotel accommodation everyone is responsible.

Further information with map